This is me....trying my dreamzbike....DUCATI next time xyah la jadi pillion ngan hubby....wah...

The Hypermotard is Ducati's V-Twin, 1100cc take on the supermoto concept. As such it's been designed to offer all the excitement of a conventional supermoto, but with added style, practicality and usability. Bold claims, maybe, but in the flesh it's all this and more. The first time you clap eyes on it, it simply stops you in your tracks.

Up close, the Hypermotard is more muscular and purposeful than it seems in pictures. It's also much smaller, more compact and has many more beautifully-detailed touches, even the Hypermotard's color (you can have any you want as long as it's red) seems even more blood red than you expect.

Best of all are the mirrors that fold out from the end of the handlebars. Although when extended they make the bars seem really wide (look at the pictures to see what I mean) - like those cow-horns you used to see on pushbikes as a kid - they work brilliantly and don't vibrate. Alternatively, you can tuck them right out of the way when playing at being a dispatch rider through the traffic or when visiting the track. Ok, it's a bit gimmicky, but it is a really good idea, too. If you're not keen, you can buy a pair of stalks and mount the mirrors in a more conventional way.